Let us help you with your Special Events!

Your Special Events Hotspot!

* Birthday Parties

* Office Team Work / Networking

* Bachelor / Bachelorette Parties

* Holiday Parties

* Family Get Together

* Classroom Rentals

* Large Group Training

You get the idea; we’ll be able to help you with any event you need.

Let us know the day and the time you want, so we can start working on a great package deal for you.

Our prices can include the following: range time, targets, plus our Instructors or Range Safety Officers will be here to help you if you have some in your party that either hasn’t shot before or needs that little help with pointers from us.

We’ll have gun rentals, machine gun rentals and ammunition available as well.

Just let us know how many are in your party, how long you want to shoot and if you need any gun rentals. Then we’ll get right back with you on your event.

Custom quote tailored to your specific needs. We generally get back to you within 48 hours or less

For more information or a reservation contact:
Royal Kerchee, Training Center Manager